how we met: the story

the one thing that most people first ask when i tell them about erika is “is this an imaginary fiancee?”.  most of the time i can convince them that she is real.  once that is done, many people follow that question with “well, how did you two lovebirds meet?”.  since i get that question so often (at least 3 times), i figured i’d save some time and just publish it here.  so here it goes:

one day, while walking through the park, i came across a juggler.  naturally, he challenged me to a juggle off.  being a gentleman of honor, i agreed.  for those of you unfamiliar with the concept of a juggle off, the process is simple.  there are 3 rounds.  each round, one person chooses a selection of items and must juggle them for one minute.  if that person is successful, then his or her opponent must complete the same task.  if they fail, the the challenger gets a point.  if they succeed, no points are awarded, but the challenger must buy an ice cream cone for the challengee.  at the end, the winner is the person who has the most points when multiplied by the ratio of boys to girls in their hometown school district.  it seems odd, but the arcane rules of juggle offs date back many thousands of years and are not to be challenged.

round one progressed quickly, with my challenger selecting 3 baseballs and 2 golf balls.  i easily answered that challenge and responded with 4 robin’s eggs and a wad of partially chewed bubble gum that i scraped from the underside of a nearby bench.  this proved challenging, but in the end we both prevailed.  at the end of round one, we both had no points, and had purchased ice cream (i chose chocolate, he vanilla) for our opponent.

round two is where things got interesting.  upping the ante, i chose a 4 foot long tree branch, with moss, the spare tire from a 1984 chevy caprice, a footlong hotdog with peppers and onions and a badger.  the trickiest part of this ensemble was preventing the badger from eating the hot dog in mid toss, but i discovered that if i sang softly to the badger as i was juggling him, he remained docile and didn’t go after the delicious treat.  unfortunately, my opponent was able to mimic this trick and was also successful.  for his round two selections he selected 12 blades of grass and a homeless man who was sleeping on a nearby bench.  after succeeding with that, i took my turn.  i had a good rhythm going until the homeless man awoke at the apex of one of my tosses, and on the way down flailed out with his right arm, striking me in the cheekbone, and causing me to accidentally inhale one of the blades of grass, thereby disqualifying me.  point to my opponent, as well as another dish of ice cream (cookies ‘n cream this time).

round three began with a bang as my opponent attempted to juggle a running lawnmower, a box of thin mint girl scout cookies, 4 gerbils and a lighted cigarette.  unfortunately one of the gerbils turned out to be a chain smoker who made short work of the cigarette, thereby disqualifying his effort.  i knew my selection for the final round would have to count.  strategically, i selected 7 dishes of ice cream, thinking that my opponents over indulgence in this creamy delicacy would cause him to falter.  unfortunately, it proved untrue, and i lost the contest .52522 to 0.

dejected, as i left the park i tripped over the curb and injured my tibia.  knowing there was a medical practice nearby, i stopped in for some analgesics and diuretics.  as it so happened erika was working that day, and we immediately fell in love.

and such is the story of how our love blossomed.

Chupa Chups

Perhaps without these delightful round fruity delicious tasty treats, otherwise known as a Chupa Chup, Karl and I may not be getting married.  One may wonder how a lollipop could be so impactful-  well, if you are asking that question, you obviously have never had one!  When we first started dating, Karl was commuting to Chicago each week.  The hotel he stayed at kept a bowl of these divine lolli’s for their guests.  When I heard him on the phone one day with his lips smacking between every other words I had to ask him what on earth he was doing.  He told me about the CC and it immediately won my heart.  I’m a sucker for candy and especially CC.  I hadn’t had them in years (since I had lived in Illinois).  Each day Karl would “steal” a CC or maybe two from the candy dish.  I kept wanting him to just take a handful but he said NO : Then on Thursday’s or Friday’s I would get to indulge myself.  It was always a surprise as to which flavor he would come home with.  And no- we would never share them.  Thank goodness that hotel didn’t have tomatos or mushrooms at the front desk.

Chupa Chup


i’ve never had a blog before, though i’ve often wondered what i would write upon it if i did.  so now, i suppose, i have the opportunity to find out.  there will be the obvious stuff of course – wedding details, stories, fun facts and information.  but there is only so much of that to go around.  so if i, rather we, want to use this website to engage and interact with you, our friends and family (and we do), we’ve got to beef it up a bit.  and i’ve got some really sweet ideas.  so check back often, use the little rss link and put this in your google reader, or heck, just make it your home page.  it’ll be worth it – trust me.

the thoughtful blogger

K’s Unite!

Okay here is my attempt at this blog thing.  In case you were confused my this website ( like me). I’ll give you a short tutorial!  First of all, we are getting Hitched! Hooray!!  And if you are viewing this we want you to join us for this celebration!  So, humor us and this website.  We plan on putting stuff up about January 9, 2010  like times, directions, and anything else we feel like adding.    Anyway, if anyone knows me- I’m super organized and have it all together and am totally on the ball!  I never lose stuff, I never get lost, and I certainly don’t need your addresses.  haha  I have you all fooled don’t I.  As you are viewing this for the first time we’d love to know whether or not you think you will be a part of the day and we would love your address (even if you have given it to us several times in the past).  This will ensure you an INVITE! 🙂  Well, thanks for stopping by and look for further info about the day on here soon!


hey there!  you’ve found our new web page.  we’ve got big plans for this thing, so be sure to check back frequently!