the naughty list

the erikarl is making their list, and they are checking it bunches of times, and with december 4th right around the corner, there are still a crapload of people who haven’t rsvp’d…  those who do not rsvp in a timely manner WILL be put on the naughty list, and WILL be forced to do the chicken dance and possibly the macarena at the reception.  just sayin’.

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2 Responses to the naughty list

  1. Phyllis Maier says:

    I indicated at one point I’d not be able to attend. Well, that was earlier, and now I’m saying I EXPECT TO BE AT YOUR WEDDING. PLEASE COUNT ME IN!! Now, were there invitations that came out? I suspect there were from something you say. Mine didn’t come (which is OK, don’t be alarmed about that) and so I didn’t RSVP. But please don’t make me dance the macarena at the reception. I expect to be there and am really excited. Probably not as excited as you-all, but nevertheless quite looking forward to it! Phyllis

  2. Megan Kanable says:

    I must be an idiot, I have my card ready to mail back to you, but thought that I would go ahead and rsvp online. But for some reason, I am not able to figure it out 🙁 Please tell me what I am doing wrong!

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