the erikarl 5kish!

wedding.  what immediately comes to mind?  love, flowers, cute little kids toddling down the isle scattering bits of vivisected flora?  no, of course not – you think that there is no way that you are going to be able to burn off all the calories from the 7 or 8 slices of wedding cake that you will inevitably eat.  and so close to the new year too!  there goes that resolution.

well this wedding has a solution to that particular little problem.  the morning of the wedding, rain or shine (well, maybe just shine), we are going to embark on a magical running extravaganza that is close enough to 5 kilometers.  you know, like when you set out to do a 15 miler and your GPS watch says 14.72, and someone asks you how far you ran – you tell them you did 15.  cause it’s close enough.  true, our little race will not be usatf certified, but it should be fun.  and there will be prizes to be awarded at the wedding.  if you don’t happen to be invited to the wedding (then really, why are you wasting your time on this blog?), then you are still more than welcome to come and race, but try not to win, cause, well, that would just be awkward when we awarded the prize.  i guess we could mail it to you or something.

anyway, here is the info:

the obligatory facebook event:

the course (subject to detours and other flights of whimsy):


he’s making his list, checking it twice…

ok, you can’t say you haven’t had fair warning.  now, i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.  maybe your rsvp got lost in the mail, maybe it got swallowed by hackers on the internet, or maybe its sitting on your fridge right next to that picture of uncle fred with watermelon on his head.  maybe it’s been partially obscured by that hilarious cartoon that you read in the office and seemed so shockingly apropos.  i get it.  it happens.  but let’s fix it.  you can still get off scott free… if you haven’t rsvp’d or if you aren’t sure, go ahead send it in, or just click the link – its right over there ( –> ).  but we know who you are.  not mentioning any names, but…

D.&J. C.
B.&J. C.
C.&C. D.
R. G.
R. G.
C.&D. G.
J.&P. H.
J. H.
L.&P. H.
P. H.
J.&S. K.
A.&B. M.
M. M.
G.&D. M.
M.&J. M.
K.&N. R.
R.&B. R.
M.&S. S.
S. T.
M. T.
C.&G. W.
M.&K. W.
D.&A. W.
N. W.
B.&S. W.
J.&D. W.

one month – w00t!

the erikarl wedding is one month from today!  who’s excited?  i am! i am!  if you haven’t already, get your rsvp in for the party of the year*!

remember, non-rsvp’rs will be forced to do some sort of embarrassing dance in a very public place, and will not get to partake in the giant cheese wheel.  don’t make me start naming names right here on this very popular, well-read blog.

*2010, year to date.

a horse’s pitoot…

…that’s what i feel like.  here i go berating all y’all for not rsvp’ing, and the whole time (well, part of it anyway) the durn online thingy-ma-jigger wasn’t workin’!  i do beg your pardon.  now, if you would be so kind, why don’t you mosey on over to the rsvp doohicky on the right there, and do what needs doin’.  much obliged.