celebrating life!

January 15, 2011

This weekend took part of the wasilewski (dollard) clan to Florida. We all were able to celebrate life in the form of exercise and family bonding. Chrissy ( the sister n law) was running her first marathon (26.2 for Donna). This race was extra special because it was raising awareness and funds for breast cancer. Chrissy’s mom, a breast cancer survivor, was able to join us for the weekend and Chrissy was able to run in honor of her. We also ran in memory of my mom, Donna, who died of uterine cancer over 5 years ago. Karl and I were able to do the half marathon and then we met and ran the last several miles with Chrissy. She was such a trooper as she had been battling a GI bug a few days before and since! That made this accomplishment that much more impressive! Here are a few of my favorite race pics.


January 14, 2011

We went to our favorite coffee shop over Karl’s lunch break today, Coffee Emporium.  We park Neko out front while we sip on our cups of joe upstairs.  It’s fun to watch people walk by her. Some will completely avoid the sidewalk and others actually go in for the big drool! 


Today we found this fun little kaleidoscope looking thing and had some fun!