a horse’s pitoot…

…that’s what i feel like.  here i go berating all y’all for not rsvp’ing, and the whole time (well, part of it anyway) the durn online thingy-ma-jigger wasn’t workin’!  i do beg your pardon.  now, if you would be so kind, why don’t you mosey on over to the rsvp doohicky on the right there, and do what needs doin’.  much obliged.

2 Replies to “a horse’s pitoot…”

  1. Well, I already RSVPed once. BUT, since you reported that the thing wasn’t working properly, I’m doing it again, just in case. Therefore, my question is, since I have now RSVPed twice, do I get two pieces of cake? Furthermore, at the end of the RSVP field, it says that the person’s name is optional (yes, I always read the fine print). Sooooooooooo, if names are optional, maybe I did, and . . . maybe I DIDN’T RSVP. How do you know????????? How can you berate anyone since names are optional? Just sayin . . . That’s my opinion, and I respect it.

  2. I understand the confusion. It was working fine before but then I had to fiddle with it then it wasn’t working (nay, even showing up!) so then I had to fix it. Don’t worry – your prize for first place RSVP’er is safe.

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