he’s making his list, checking it twice…

ok, you can’t say you haven’t had fair warning.  now, i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.  maybe your rsvp got lost in the mail, maybe it got swallowed by hackers on the internet, or maybe its sitting on your fridge right next to that picture of uncle fred with watermelon on his head.  maybe it’s been partially obscured by that hilarious cartoon that you read in the office and seemed so shockingly apropos.  i get it.  it happens.  but let’s fix it.  you can still get off scott free… if you haven’t rsvp’d or if you aren’t sure, go ahead send it in, or just click the link – its right over there ( –> ).  but we know who you are.  not mentioning any names, but…

D.&J. C.
B.&J. C.
C.&C. D.
R. G.
R. G.
C.&D. G.
J.&P. H.
J. H.
L.&P. H.
P. H.
J.&S. K.
A.&B. M.
M. M.
G.&D. M.
M.&J. M.
K.&N. R.
R.&B. R.
M.&S. S.
S. T.
M. T.
C.&G. W.
M.&K. W.
D.&A. W.
N. W.
B.&S. W.
J.&D. W.

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