Springish 2011

We had a fairly busy spring of 2011. Lots of big changes in the erikarl household!


We sold our house and packed everything ourselves to move a whopping 1.5 miles away!


Neko helping us pack trying to look stylish!

We enjoyed a few last walks and soak up the spring weather in the old neighborhood. Neko’s favorite buddy came over to play in the midst of the packing and I got some cute pics of him. He looks like he should be the poster child for JEEP, don’t you think?


Here is Neko’s other little buddy. Well, we found this little buddha dog on one of our walks back and forth between houses. Who would have known that our giant 140 lb dog w would be terribly afraid of this 6″ statue! SO funny! She would consistently stop as  we walked by this statue to stalk and bark at it.. It’s pretty scary.


And here is the gang at the new house moving stuff in!

and there is POM after the move was all done! ( sorry pam! you made the blog):) We really appreciated all the help we got from Pom and Pad (Pom = Pam/mom) (Pad = PAT/dad).  I vow if we move again– we will hire professional movers!

If we thought moving was a big change about 4 days after moving in we added a new addition to our little family!      MEET SIMONE 🙂

( aka simmy, simonis, simonster, or sim) She’s pretty cute!Up tomorrow: Summerish- and probably more neko and simone pics!



I’ve neglected the blog since april sadly. I didn’t do a very good job with my picture a day either.  Here’s to more posts in 2012. First I’ll Start with my Winterish yearly review! CHEERS to a wonderful 2011!


Karl and I started off the new year right at our favorite coffee place, Coffee Emporium. Neko enjoyed her favorite spot too!


As in true winter spirit we went with several friends curling. Yes, CURLING.  Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of the actual ice-capades.  But, I do have some evidence of Karl and I dressed up as the next U.S. curling champions! We were a force to be reckoned with on ice!

We also did some traveling…

Jacksonville for the Run For Donna !  We met my family there. My sister-in-law ran her first marathon coming off a nasty GI virus. Go Chrissy! Karl and I ran the half and then ran the end with her totaling around 20 miles.  Not too bad for very little training. But a better decision than trying to run the entire thing with my longest run in months being 8 miles:)

We also got to visit the beach. Sadly a little too chilly to be swimming, but we did have a lovely time bird watching!

Then a few weeks later we met our dear friends Jeff and Jill for a weekend in NYC!

and sipped on our favorite west coast coffee, Stumptown, east coast style!


Just some fun home adventures.  We made some cinnamon icing/oatmeal whoopie pies, homemade peppermint/almond marshmallows ( okay so maybe those were made by Karl for Xmas 2010- but i ate them all in 2011 so that counts, right?)

And.. last but not least because she is cute. Some pictures of Neko.  I can’t resist!

Next up Spring review! and likely some more picture of neko.



waking up on the right side of the bed!

January 16, 2011

Today was just one of those really great days. Work went smoothly and even got a compliment out of the blue.  The weather was absolutely perfect for a springy day and I went out for the longest solo run I’ve done in a long time!! Got some relatively good news about a family member which is always niceSmile  Besides the hubby not being home I give this day an A+!

not that this picture has anything to do with the above! but its nice and cheery and reminds me of the springtime ahead!



January 15, 2011

Back on the topic of reflection, I looked at the weather forecast for this weekend. 72 and sunny? what? I’m loving that.  We were lucky to have a few trips to warmer climates this winter and enjoyed some warmer weather.  Life just beachy don’t you think?





March 14, 2011

I’ve been a little slackerish  this past month.  But looking back the last month has been extremely busy.  I’ve just chosen to slack on the blogfront.  Sickness has plagued the Dollards (nothing more serious than the flu bug). We traveled to NYC to visit with some friends (well I traveled- karl travels there weekly) and we bought and sold a house ( we haven’t closed on either yet). 

I’ve taken some fun pictures from some adventures over the past month which I plan to post over the next week. 



This is one of my favorites. Karl is outside taking a picture of Jill and I through the window at our all time favorite coffee shop- Stumptown coffee.  We traveled to Portland/Seattle for a marathon a few years back when we first met. I’d say our friendship blossomed over this coffee! It’s the only one of its kind east of the Mississippi. Okay I really don’t know if that is true, but I know there aren’t many outside the west coast. This was the first cup of coffee I could drink black! ( I still add cream and sugar though).




perfection! I may have had 2 cups this trip!


February 1, 2011

What a way to bring in the new month.  Lots of snow/ ice/ sleet everywhere! Hopefully mother nature is done and brings back calmer weather soon! Be careful out there!