Springish 2011

We had a fairly busy spring of 2011. Lots of big changes in the erikarl household!


We sold our house and packed everything ourselves to move a whopping 1.5 miles away!


Neko helping us pack trying to look stylish!

We enjoyed a few last walks and soak up the spring weather in the old neighborhood. Neko’s favorite buddy came over to play in the midst of the packing and I got some cute pics of him. He looks like he should be the poster child for JEEP, don’t you think?


Here is Neko’s other little buddy. Well, we found this little buddha dog on one of our walks back and forth between houses. Who would have known that our giant 140 lb dog w would be terribly afraid of this 6″ statue! SO funny! She would consistently stop as  we walked by this statue to stalk and bark at it.. It’s pretty scary.


And here is the gang at the new house moving stuff in!

and there is POM after the move was all done! ( sorry pam! you made the blog):) We really appreciated all the help we got from Pom and Pad (Pom = Pam/mom) (Pad = PAT/dad).  I vow if we move again– we will hire professional movers!

If we thought moving was a big change about 4 days after moving in we added a new addition to our little family!      MEET SIMONE 🙂

( aka simmy, simonis, simonster, or sim) She’s pretty cute!Up tomorrow: Summerish- and probably more neko and simone pics!



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  1. hello. nice blog. complete stranger right here. feel like a stalker a little, but also enjoyed to read. so.. how’s you doing? ten years after last post

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