K’s Unite!

Okay here is my attempt at this blog thing.  In case you were confused my this website ( like me). I’ll give you a short tutorial!  First of all, we are getting Hitched! Hooray!!  And if you are viewing this we want you to join us for this celebration!  So, humor us and this website.  We plan on putting stuff up about January 9, 2010  like times, directions, and anything else we feel like adding.    Anyway, if anyone knows me- I’m super organized and have it all together and am totally on the ball!  I never lose stuff, I never get lost, and I certainly don’t need your addresses.  haha  I have you all fooled don’t I.  As you are viewing this for the first time we’d love to know whether or not you think you will be a part of the day and we would love your address (even if you have given it to us several times in the past).  This will ensure you an INVITE! 🙂  Well, thanks for stopping by and look for further info about the day on here soon!

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  1. Where is Erika registered? If you tell me Auto Zone or The Running Spot, I’ll know that this e-mail was hi-jacked by Karl. I want to know where Erika is registered.

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