i’ve never had a blog before, though i’ve often wondered what i would write upon it if i did.  so now, i suppose, i have the opportunity to find out.  there will be the obvious stuff of course – wedding details, stories, fun facts and information.  but there is only so much of that to go around.  so if i, rather we, want to use this website to engage and interact with you, our friends and family (and we do), we’ve got to beef it up a bit.  and i’ve got some really sweet ideas.  so check back often, use the little rss link and put this in your google reader, or heck, just make it your home page.  it’ll be worth it – trust me.

the thoughtful blogger

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  1. It looks like my pet human forgot to post MY furry picture on the family website. I think my lovely human should register at Petsmart or Orvis. Two paws up for LL Bean too. I’m going to try to do it myself if I can figure out how. The computer keys are not big enough for me. I could use some new stuff, big stuff, I’m a big doggie. I didn’t get an e-save-the-date. Woof! Don’t you all think I should be invited? Let my family know! Licks & Sniffs, erikarlneko family

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