Chupa Chups

Perhaps without these delightful round fruity delicious tasty treats, otherwise known as a Chupa Chup, Karl and I may not be getting married.  One may wonder how a lollipop could be so impactful-  well, if you are asking that question, you obviously have never had one!  When we first started dating, Karl was commuting to Chicago each week.  The hotel he stayed at kept a bowl of these divine lolli’s for their guests.  When I heard him on the phone one day with his lips smacking between every other words I had to ask him what on earth he was doing.  He told me about the CC and it immediately won my heart.  I’m a sucker for candy and especially CC.  I hadn’t had them in years (since I had lived in Illinois).  Each day Karl would “steal” a CC or maybe two from the candy dish.  I kept wanting him to just take a handful but he said NO : Then on Thursday’s or Friday’s I would get to indulge myself.  It was always a surprise as to which flavor he would come home with.  And no- we would never share them.  Thank goodness that hotel didn’t have tomatos or mushrooms at the front desk.

Chupa Chup

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