Neko Wasilewski, soon to be Dollard


So, shortly after Karl gave me this , there was another very serious question posed.  It was not whether or not I was going to take on the name Dollard, but whether or not NEKO would become a Dollard too.  Now, that seems like an odd question- especially if you could have seen Karl’s reaction to the first time meeting the Nekster.  Neko at that time was barely 50lbs. She liked to put her paw up. Karl looked at her not knowing what to do daintily patted her with a firm hand.  Like one would pet a porcupine.  It was quite the site. I knew I liked Karl, but I wasn’t sure how Neko would fit in.


Since then, I think Karl has warmed up to her and she has to him. Karl loves when Neko jumps on the couch to cuddle.  He even let her come to his condo and to Pat and Pam’s.   Neko has even taken on some of Karl’s traits- flatulance and liking fancy treats!  I think we will be quite the family!  I can’t wait!

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  1. What a beautiful family! Normally, I would say if your man doesn’t warm up to your pooch right away, keep the pooch and dump the man. HOWEVER, in your case, you need to keep that good man. If he ever has issues with Neko, then just give her to me! But, I happen to know that Neko adores Karl. But don’t tell Twilight Dollard, the family feline.

  2. Erika & Karl,

    These pictures are too cute! I think that you guys look like a wonderful “little” family! Enjoy the wedding planning, and congrats again!

    The Ault’s

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