Golden Ticket

January 11, 2011


Today the dreaded Tuesday ended up with a pretty sweet twist.  We had snow that didn’t tamper with my commute and I got to go home early! Doesn’t get much better than that. Unless its candy! 



Lady Do-Ga

January 10, 2011

My favorite subject so far has been my pup. Mostly because she is hilarious, fun, and just a gigantic beast.  Each Monday I’m going to post a picture of her.  As you can tell from the picture she is quite scary.  That is why the postman felt it was necessary to leave a dangerous dog warning in my mailbox saying that they were scared of her because she was BIG, HUGE, TALL! 


doesn’t she look frightening!

erikarl beginnings…

January 9,2011

One year ago I married my best friend. It has been the most incredible year and I can’t wait for many many more.  I can’t take any credit for any of these pics but our awesome photographers did an amazing job and here are a few of my absolute favorites.














Anniversary Eve

January 8, 2011

Karl and I went out last night to Hugo for our Anniversary date. Happy ONE YEAR to us-almost…  We had a lovely evening together and got to sit back in a private room in the midst of all their wine.  It was a very romantic way to spend the evening. 




Half Empty

January 7, 2011

I didn’t know what to post today, I ventured out in the backyard and took some pictures as it flurried all day.  mostly my hands got cold and I didn’t get any really great shots.  I did try to work on some high key editing and managed to create this shot.  Not super exciting but I’m okay with that.


All things white, cuddly, and soft.

January 6, 2011

We had the first real snow of winter earlier in December.  Today, however, was the first official snow of 2011.  It wasn’t much more than a dusting, but I definitely saw some flakes out there!  Most of the time, snow is associated with school closings, long commutes on icy roads, cold frigid temps, shoveling sidewalks, long dreary day with little sunlight. Those are some of the unpleasantries that come with winter. Fortunately for me, snow has symbolic of really great things for me like meeting new people (my husby), marriages ( I feel an anniversary coming on), and best of all  furriest of all puppies!  I wanted to take a picture of the snow today but it was sadly too dark when I got home.  I’m settling for the next best picture- the first day I met Neko. This was  also the first day she met snow!

Erika 284


January 5, 2011


It’s humpday.  And when I think of some of the most majestic humps I think of Mt. Whitney in California- the highest mountain in the continental US.  Oh yeah, and see the top peak just brushing those clouds—I’ve hiked there!Mt Whitney Trip 207

Oh happy day

January 4, 2011

Tuesday is undoubtedly my least favorite day of the week. Mostly, I just have a longer work day which makes me grumble a bit. But, in order to stay positive, every week I try to think of something in the morning to cheer me up.  And what is more cheerful than a child swinging, especially when they are as cute as my niece Amelia!  I am not sure which shot I like better the original or the attempted edited version. 

DSC00743 (Small)

SONY DSC                

Oh to be a kid again!!!!!

Bad Dog

January 3, 2011

So I was going to post this awesome picture Karl took in honor of the first Monday of the year when Coffee might be one of the most essential parts of starting off the day right!


But then I came home to my little sweet Neko who decided to try a hand in making cornbread but realized that there were other ingredients besides cornmeal needed…

bad dog

2011 365 day Project

So, in hopes to actually learn more about photography I’ve decided to start out the new year with a 1 picture a day post.  I may use old photos and try to edit them, or new ones that I take throughout the year.  Here Goes….

January 2,2011


This is from Sanibel in October at sunset