Oh happy day

January 4, 2011

Tuesday is undoubtedly my least favorite day of the week. Mostly, I just have a longer work day which makes me grumble a bit. But, in order to stay positive, every week I try to think of something in the morning to cheer me up.  And what is more cheerful than a child swinging, especially when they are as cute as my niece Amelia!  I am not sure which shot I like better the original or the attempted edited version. 

DSC00743 (Small)

SONY DSC                

Oh to be a kid again!!!!!

Bad Dog

January 3, 2011

So I was going to post this awesome picture Karl took in honor of the first Monday of the year when Coffee might be one of the most essential parts of starting off the day right!


But then I came home to my little sweet Neko who decided to try a hand in making cornbread but realized that there were other ingredients besides cornmeal needed…

bad dog

2011 365 day Project

So, in hopes to actually learn more about photography I’ve decided to start out the new year with a 1 picture a day post.  I may use old photos and try to edit them, or new ones that I take throughout the year.  Here Goes….

January 2,2011


This is from Sanibel in October at sunset

2010 review

So for the new year I’m resurrecting the erikarl blog.  Mostly for myself to get myself to take more pictures ( ha after putting this together I don’t really think thats an issue). But I hope to learn more about photography and hope that this will be an avenue to pursue that.

I must say 2010 wasn’t too shabby. Here area few of the highlights …


I changed my name from Waz to Dollard

Then went across the very large pond to Oz

Where I got the chance to hang out with a few of these guys

and lets not forget these guys who showed us how to rock out Aussie style!

We also got to go to the Australian Open in Melbourne

and then got caught in a cyclone while attempting to go diving in Port Douglas at the Great Barrier Reef

We celebrated Lisa and Dan’s Big Day! Sadly I don’t have any pictures of Lisa- Just some of the knit night girls hanging out


We ran a wet Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon with very little training. We have shared many of our long runs throughout the past few years with Alli and Joel

Karl got a bike and he completed his first triathlon. We also completed 2 other ones this year!  (Tri for Joe (Sprint Duathlon), Cincinnati Triathlon (olympic), and the Great Buckeye Challenge (olympic).

We traveled to San Francisco (one last hurray for before Karl’s project there was complete)


Took my Physician Assistant board recertification so i could keep my job!

We met one weekend in  Atlanta to see Ashley and Amelia’s 1st Dance recital


We witnessed the little brother (in law) graduate from Ohio State.


Karl took a new job assignment in NYC so I went out and visited him where we went to the US OPEN  (2 grand slams in one year!)  only 1 more to see.

From NY we went up to visit Chrissy and her mom in New Hampshire/Rhode Island and spent the weekend by the beach!


Celebrated Devon’s 30th Birthday


camping in Virginia to see Jeff’s new crib and took a detour through hershey,Pa!

The Sunflower Revolution Ride (100k)

Made it back to Illinois for the Decatur Celebration and saw some old childhood friends

Sanibel for Jeff and Jill’s Wedding, look at this beautiful bride and hang out with some friends all weekend!

Decided to put the house up for sale so we worked hard to finally put away boxes from the move and update the house a little bit

Ran The Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC where I unofficially broke the 4 hour mark and beat the Hubby! Probably the first and last time I’ll ever get to say that.

The fam drove up from Atlanta to spend some time here in cincy and Ashley learned to ride her bike!

DSC00743 (Small)


then we drove down to Atlanta for Thanksgiving


Babs met Karl and I out in NYC for the weekend to frolic around the city for a bit.

And there were some holiday festivities with friends


And then there was Christmas with family and dogs!!

DSC02229 (Small)

DSC02463 (Small)

DSC02397 (Small)

2010 was absolutely amazing and I have so many blessing to be thankful for.  I can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store…

the naughty list

the erikarl is making their list, and they are checking it bunches of times, and with december 4th right around the corner, there are still a crapload of people who haven’t rsvp’d…  those who do not rsvp in a timely manner WILL be put on the naughty list, and WILL be forced to do the chicken dance and possibly the macarena at the reception.  just sayin’.

Neko Wasilewski, soon to be Dollard


So, shortly after Karl gave me this , there was another very serious question posed.  It was not whether or not I was going to take on the name Dollard, but whether or not NEKO would become a Dollard too.  Now, that seems like an odd question- especially if you could have seen Karl’s reaction to the first time meeting the Nekster.  Neko at that time was barely 50lbs. She liked to put her paw up. Karl looked at her not knowing what to do daintily patted her with a firm hand.  Like one would pet a porcupine.  It was quite the site. I knew I liked Karl, but I wasn’t sure how Neko would fit in.


Since then, I think Karl has warmed up to her and she has to him. Karl loves when Neko jumps on the couch to cuddle.  He even let her come to his condo and to Pat and Pam’s.   Neko has even taken on some of Karl’s traits- flatulance and liking fancy treats!  I think we will be quite the family!  I can’t wait!

small 2small 4

small 5small 6

Chupa Chups

Perhaps without these delightful round fruity delicious tasty treats, otherwise known as a Chupa Chup, Karl and I may not be getting married.  One may wonder how a lollipop could be so impactful-  well, if you are asking that question, you obviously have never had one!  When we first started dating, Karl was commuting to Chicago each week.  The hotel he stayed at kept a bowl of these divine lolli’s for their guests.  When I heard him on the phone one day with his lips smacking between every other words I had to ask him what on earth he was doing.  He told me about the CC and it immediately won my heart.  I’m a sucker for candy and especially CC.  I hadn’t had them in years (since I had lived in Illinois).  Each day Karl would “steal” a CC or maybe two from the candy dish.  I kept wanting him to just take a handful but he said NO : Then on Thursday’s or Friday’s I would get to indulge myself.  It was always a surprise as to which flavor he would come home with.  And no- we would never share them.  Thank goodness that hotel didn’t have tomatos or mushrooms at the front desk.

Chupa Chup

K’s Unite!

Okay here is my attempt at this blog thing.  In case you were confused my this website ( like me). I’ll give you a short tutorial!  First of all, we are getting Hitched! Hooray!!  And if you are viewing this we want you to join us for this celebration!  So, humor us and this website.  We plan on putting stuff up about January 9, 2010  like times, directions, and anything else we feel like adding.    Anyway, if anyone knows me- I’m super organized and have it all together and am totally on the ball!  I never lose stuff, I never get lost, and I certainly don’t need your addresses.  haha  I have you all fooled don’t I.  As you are viewing this for the first time we’d love to know whether or not you think you will be a part of the day and we would love your address (even if you have given it to us several times in the past).  This will ensure you an INVITE! 🙂  Well, thanks for stopping by and look for further info about the day on here soon!